Essa Autosport 2015 Formula Drift Program Update – 5/1/2015

DKAR-7046Despite not qualifying for Top 32, the Essa Autosport team remained in good spirits and the SLP – Street Legal Performance Camaro made it’s debut at Formula Drift Round 1 – Streets of Long Beach. Building a brand new machine in a matter 2 months, meant the team would be making an improvement “to do list”, and undoubtedly be on a steep learning curve from the moment the car lined up for its first run.

DKAR-8064Having only 1 short test day at Willow Springs prior to FD Round 1, Michael Essa and team used practice runs to make final suspension adjustments to better handle the tight Long Beach circuit, and shoot for the best results possible. Just narrowly missing the Top 32 cut in 33rd, the team had gathered enough data for upgrades and improvements to push forward to Formula Drift Round 2 – Road to the Championship at Road Atlanta, Georgia.

DKAR-9795Essa Autosport would like to thank all sponsors of the 2015 Formula Drift build who provided amazing support and product in such a short time frame, making it possible to kick off the 2015 on a positive note. (Photo: Jay Velthoven of Roush/SLP, spotter Kevin Phillips, Michael Essa, and crew chief Stan Williams)

DKAR-9225A few days after the Formula Drift season opener, Essa Autosport team returned to attend the Super Drift Challenge during the after hours of the Grand Prix of Long Beach. Michael Essa achieved great results during this event in the past, finishing 4th in 2014, and 2nd in 2013. With a $25,000 purse on the line, Essa and team were willing to let it hang out a little more the previous weekend.

DKAR-7956With a noticeably more aggressive driving style after making slight adjustments to the SLP Camaro, Michael Essa qualified in 7th, which would put him right in the middle of the bracket, facing Brandon Wicknick out of Utah.

DKAR-1024Essa’s battle with Brandon Wicknick represented a significant moment for the SLP and Roush brand. If Michael defeated Brandon, he would move on to face his Roush teammate, Justin Pawlak. After both drivers giving all they had and judges running them “One More Time”, Essa would be moving on to face Justin.

DKAR-7993On his “A game” the previous weekend, Justin Pawlak would prove to be a formidable foe, forcing Michael Essa to drive the SLP Camaro 110% against the Roush Mustang. Justin, familiar with Mustang chassis that he has driven for years and having much more power, handed Michael the loss that would end his evening. The Essa Autosport wrapped up the event in good spirits, feeling that making an appearance and taking advantage of much needed seat time was a great success.

DKAR-8836With the experience gained in Long Beach, the Essa Autosport team first attacked the need for more power. Heading over to Road Race Engineering in Santa Fe Springs, tuner Chris Jensen worked his magic on the SLP Camaro.

DKAR-4060Prior to sorting out a few issues, making some improvements and adding various parts, the SLP supercharger equipped LS3 was making a respectable 520 horsepower. 520 horsepower in a street car is beastly, but in Formula Drift, power levels have skyrocketed in the past few years. With a goal of around 700 wheel horsepower, Chris Jensen dialed in the tune, and the power bumped up 160hp to a super competitive 680 horsepower at the wheels!

DKAR-4323Having the power increase needed to be competitive, the Essa Autosport team returned to home base and got started on a project that would send the drift world into a frenzy.

DKAR-8875Essa has always been a driver who demanded tons of angle from his drift machine, so attention was focused on steering modifications to bring the SLP Camaro into familiar driving territory. After hours of research and fabrication, Essa Autosport successfully customized a Wisefab kit to work with the Camaro chassis.

DKAR-4189The SLP Camaro is now capable of achieving 70 degrees of angle at full lock and almost zero ackerman. Essa Autosport is proud to announce that full bolt on kits for the 5th generation Camaro chassis will soon be available! If you are interested in a custom built Wisefab kit for your Camaro, contact

DKAR-4431Power, check. Angle, check. Testing was amazing, and Essa Autosport could not be happier with the setup in the SLP Camaro. “Almost 70 degrees of steering in a Camaro! Steering feel is great, super responsive, good self steer, and almost zero ackerman! Atlanta should be fun!”, says Michael Essa.

Formula Drift Round 2 – Road to the Championship will be held on May 8-9, 2015 at Road Atlanta, Georgia. Stop by the SLP and Roush paddock to check out the cars, and cheer us on!

Stay tuned for more Essa Autosport updates!

Words and photos by David Karey –

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